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The Atlas Of Wounds, Ostomy, & Skin® 2nd Edition
A full color, quick reference pocket guide to common wounds, ostomy, and skin issues for every healthcare provider.


PREORDER NOW - Estimated date of arrival will be between February 3 and February 8, 2022.

The Atlas of Wounds, Ostomy, & Skin® 2nd Edition

SKU: 10002
  • A Full Color Quick Reference Guide to Common Wounds, Ostomy, and Skin Issues for Every Healthcare Provider


    This is the anticipated 2nd Edition to the most popular wound atlas textbook available on the market. This full color atlas is intended for use as a quick reference guide for daily wound, ostomy, and skin care challenges. This handy reference tool is filled with more (almost 700 hundred) descriptive pictures and easy-to-understand tables to help any healthcare provider navigate through the daily challenges of making accurate decisions about the variety of wound, ostomy, and skin care cases. The pages are filled with full color images and easy to read information, making it easy to quickly gather all of the necessary information needed to assess common pathologies.

    By Henry Okonkwo, Surgical Physician Associate, Wound Care Specialist, FPASWS, SWOC, DWC.

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